Current status

The currrent release number is 0.9. The package is in the beta testing stage. See the table below for the list of working platforms/compilers. With some luck, HAMT may build and work on some other configurations, since the code is platform-neutral. However, fairly modern C++ compiler is required.

 Regression testsException testsHash function tests
MSVC 7.1 - Win32OKOKOK
GCC 3.4.1 - CygwinfailureOKOK
GCC 3.3.1 - LinuxOKfailureOK

Tests marked with failure do not work because of the subtle incompatibilities in the implementations of std::map. For instance, I believe Cygwin's map::equal_range fails because of the bug in STL shipped with Cygwin at the moment of this writing. You may ignore the failures as long the failing test is not related to HAMT and provided to only demonstrate containers' compatibility.